Many of us recognise in our sexual experiences both divine and deeply human qualities. Our encounters can touch not only the body, but also our inner being, soul and spirit. Through and in our sexuality we can become fully alive, our inner being shining through.

In many ancient cultures there has been knowledge of the deep potential that our sexual nature holds in itself. Tantra is one of these traditions. They also offer many techniques on how to cultivate sexual energy for greater physical and emotional well being and aliveness. Sexual energy can be used as a powerful tool for personal and spiritual development, helping us to realise our full human potential. And for doing this – literally – with great pleasure!

Sexual energy is a big part of our aliveness, our life energy. We can invite and guide it into our whole being. This can bring deep pleasure – not only of the body, but of our inner being recognising the beneficial, nourishing influence that working with sexual energy brings us. Opening to this kind of inner space is about opening to a great joy of life and finding our true personal power. It brings more juice and vibrant aliveness to our whole body and being. More of the potential of who we can be comes to life. Surrendering to pleasure and aliveness in our body can lead to a journey of inner transformation. Maybe paradoxically this goes hand in hand with opening to and finding again our innate innocence. 

On practical level this transformation will strengthen different qualities for different  people. For example you might notice more creativity, strength, sensitivity and awareness in yourself. You may notice more peace, joy and sense of fulfillment within. Key element of this transformation is the connection and integration of different parts of our being that happens naturally when we let go and surrender to our own sexual energy with our whole body and being. The most profound and beautiful parts of ourselves become more alive and start to express themselves in our lives. Our best qualities start to show up more – even to ourselves!

On a more mundane level, tantric massage is very good for relaxation and de stressing.  Tantra and tantric massage are effective for overcoming emotional and sexual issues like building confidence and ejaculation control.

I offer tantric massage, sensual massage, introduction to tantra and guidance on how to work tantrically both for your personal growth and transformation and to overcome specific issues. If you  would like to find out more about tantra, get a taste of sensual tantric massage and/or discuss a specific issue, you can book an appointment for a tailored taster/guidance session.

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